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Kander Marketing was founded upon trust and a commitment to providing the product marketing solutions your business actually needs. No Fluff. Building your business is our highest priority.
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Our Founders

Kristi Anderson
Co-Founder, Marketing Principal
Kristi Anderson a leader with over a decade of experience in leading the marketing and product initiatives of more than 30 different B2B and B2C brands. Her experience setting the vision and  leading teams to execution gave her the confidence to co-found Kander Marketing with her husband, Jake. With an engineering background, Kristi enjoys creating improving products, creating launch strategies, analyzing data, and building technology.
Jake Anderson
Co-Founder,  Principal Account Manager
Jake Anderson is Kander Marketing’s Co-Founder and Principal Account Manager. Jake is a natural relationship builder who is passionate about ensuring that our clients are served well and their needs are met. As a songwriter, musician, and performer, Jake’s strengths as a storyteller and creative have continual applications. He translates your company’s story into valuable brand and marketing assets.

Our Team

As an agile marketing agency, we leverage our extensive network of marketing specialists to bring you the right talent for you unique project.
When you partner with Kander, you get access to our Extensive Network Of Marketing Professionals. We'll Bring together the right team that is tailored to suit your needs.
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